An Arctophilecraze

An Arctophilecraze
Attitude,Actions and Emotions

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

wooohooo!!the biggest asia loser!!

yeah...i really loved the blue team not because of their strengthen but their team work as th blue team!!chaiyyok!!well...Dave Nuku is a great leader....omg...body die..pergh!!superb!!anyway..sepanjang tenok reality show tuh...he never upset...or getting mad..chill n cooooolioo!!...but always caring,support n proud of the blue team!!agagagaga.....episode malam awsome!!yeah..unexpected bila tony loose 10kg!!hehehehe....yeah selain tuh aq admire gler ngan sarimah ibrahim because she so fluently in english!!aq harap boleh jadi macam die one the person who i really admire as host are oprah,sarimah,mahdzir lokman n cherryl samad!!=P

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