An Arctophilecraze

An Arctophilecraze
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Thursday, June 3, 2010


i never make the decision in my entire whole life...and now..i am too curious bout my future..what i want to be...?i really glad if i be a teacher 1 day.but at this time..maybe it is not my destiny for be a teacher...when i failed in application of i applied nursing in grade 29 ..and my mom said "heh..sanggup ker cuci berak org..or tengok ****** or ****** org len....??!"(maaf...terpaksa menjaga sensitviti yup!)..btw i got the interview at putrajaya...there..sort like crazy one when get partnership for un-be-li-va-ble with his jerk answered in the interview..weh ko ingat nih borak kosong kat kedai kopi ker cik abang oii..! btw i am also applied UPU and most of it bout management and education...and guess what i am failed...totally anoyying! i dont want to blame my parents...just because of they did not allowed me to take masscom course...maybe...there are something contras that make them not agreed bout that course.but! they babah said..if u applied the masscom i am sure u can get placed in UITM.what passed is

then i applied in KPTM twin UITM in bisness transportation..alhamdulilah..i got it..been exposed from babah..bout my course in internet.but when i got offered from matriculation in is horrible and horrifying me...speechless..even though...KPTM twin UITM is affordable fees every sem (rm 300 per sem) is...still NON-GOVERNMENT...n perspective malaysian especially MALAY bout non-gov is tooo low.i dont know why??why must it be ..there is a gap between non-gov and gov?

matriculation is tooo high for me....n most of them superb cool and genius!not me...a slow learner i guess.apart from that i dun have any basic in accountancy...and it make me hard too...~ dunno lah! dah la just for 1 year only..not for 1 year n half...or 2 years or 3 years!

hurm~ at last i decide to check rayuan UPU this morning on 12 AM.if i got UPU i will go there!=)) but if i dont get it..matrik la jawabnyer~~ heartless but pasrah dan optimistic...receive something new and look foward~

p/s:puh~ penat~ more than 10 times turun naik tangga umah.jawab calling...kurus aku seyh~haha

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